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Here are the books we've spoken about on the Podcast. Their challenging, inspiring & definitely something to think about.

Carole is our fabulous interviewee on Episode 7 of the podcast. Not only is she a Stress & Wellbeing Coach, she also instigated Stress Awareness Day, now Stress Awareness Week! 

If you think you are stressed, but need help to recognise the signs & symptoms, then this book is a must-have. More importantly Carole gives advice of how to tackle stress, and make changes to improve your resilience. Take a listen to Switched On to find out more!

Show Stress

Featured in Episode One, this is on Dr Phil Hammond's hit list.

Would love your thoughts if you've read it. Email us

The Choice

I read this book last year, and it really challenged my thinking, especially around self esteem. I'm not going to give too much away, but as someone whose work involves boosting people's confidence, I really had to look at the way I was doing this, and the effect it would have on their mental health over time. Check it out, it really will get you thinking!



This will be an interesting one from Dr Phil. Again on the list but as yet undigested ... did you see what we did there?

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Ironically this isn't the best book to take to bed with you! The typeface is small and dense and there's a lot to take in ... and there's graphs - er! BUT, it's a must read if you need to be convinced about the importance of sleep. Yep, it's time to implement a bit of bedroom hygiene and start to understand what jeopardises our sleep cycle. Oh, and you're gonna love how a lack of sleep impacts on our health. Happy days! Or should I say, happy nights!



Another of Dr Phil's book recommendations. Both this one and The Choice were written by holocaust survivors, so if you survive that you can survive anything, right?

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Man's Search

A recommendation from Dr Phil - we haven't read it yet. Once we do we'll post a review - unless of course you read it before us. If you have, PLEASE send us your thoughts.


Please note, we've not included links to sellers - but we're sure you can find them on your own.

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