• Sally & Jools

Meeting Dr Phil

In a break from tradition, Jools on the right, Sally on the left, and Dr Phil Hammond in the middle - all accompanied by CLANGERS

There's not much I wouldn't do to go squeeze a Clanger in a gorgeous country cottage in Somerset - and it seemed my dreams have come true! Here we are with Dr Phil, our first 'proper' guest on The Well-Beginners Podcast. Phil came up with the CLANGERS acronym a while back and is on a one man mission to bring 'Your Daily CLANGERS' to the world. It's an extension of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing - a system developed by the New Economics Foundation (a Government funded thinktank) - you can check that out HERE - but CLANGERS includes the very important Eat Well, Relax and Sleep, which isn't included in the 5 Ways. So effectively it's a little more comprehensive. And quite frankly I like the association with little pink aliens who put kindness first!

The acronym stands for:

C - Connect

L - Learn

A - (be) Active

N - Notice

G - Give

E - Eat Well

R - Relax

S - Sleep

Do listen to our podcast where Phil shares his insight on wellbeing and what it means to him and the young patients he treats - he works for NHS with young adults suffering with ME, as well as authoring several books, and hitting the clubs and theatres of the UK as a stand up comedian!

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